Another survival guide

Just came across another survival guide.  I don't know who wrote it but it goes into more detail about some things (drugs) than my guide or blog does.  Worth a read.  Favorite line,
The campgrounds look like a cross between an unusually well fed refugee camp and a giant block party.


Parking together

Here's another question I get frequently:
Can you give me some tips on parking multiple cars together? I'm going to be traveling down with at least one other group and we want to make sure are parked next to each other. Can we just ask the security to have us parked together?
It shouldn't be much of a problem parking together. Make sure you keep the cars together going through the line to get in. Have all the cars go through the same booth driving in, make sure to wait for all the cars to get through before continuing on. From what I've heard the security and parking staff are cool w/ keeping groups together, just let them know. Just make sure not to get separated, if you get sent towards different lots there is no way you'll be able to get back together.

When to get to a stage to see a band

Reader question:
hey, this will be my first time attending Bonnaroo and I was wondering what time I should get to a stage to see a band at a relatively close distance
The answer to your question is a big "it depends". Last year at the main stage I got right up to see the Beach Boys getting there ~20 min beforehand. I've also seen people getting in line for Phish at 11 am (for a 9ish pm show). It depends entirely on how popular the act is. For the smaller stages I'd start working my way towards the front when the previous band is still playing, then hustle to the front when the place clears out.