Going light

So here's a guide for going light to Bonnaroo put together by Lucid Interval from the Inforoo board. This might be useful for people flying in or who just want to go minimal.


Well like i often times do i'll be hitting up a few summer festivals on foot this year. I thought i'd share with everyone my list of what im packing this year and some idea's i've come up with over time to save on weight and space. Even if you arent coming in on foot it always helps to save space in the car and to not overpack and have to mine through piles of stuff to get what you need.

Gear: This is my camping gear you dont need any real fancy backpacking equipment for festivals obviously, but i happen to have it and its super light and packable.

Pack (Gregory Z Pack)
Sleeping Bag (Montbell Superstretch)
Tent (One Man Eureka)
Bedroll (Thermarest 3/4)
Stove (MSR Simmerlite)
Cookware (Snow Peak Titanium)
RainGear (North Face Hyvent Shell)
CamelBack (Really Simple Basic Design)
Nalgene (We all have one of these)
Small Flashlight or Headlamp (Enter Portapotty with care)

Food: The main idea with food is to stick with just add water options as much as possible. You can bring dried milk for things that call for it and small containers of oil and seasoning as well. How much you pack is up to you, i tend to overpack food more often than not and theres always food around the festivals so this year im going with one meal a day(while in the festival) along with extra cash for food and plenty of energy snacks. Heres some stuff i usually grab when i pack.

WATER - I buy fresh to drink and wash with station water.
Litpon Dinners - 99c Each many are just add water.
Ramen - The most obvious choice.
Freeze Dried Meals - Check your local backpacking stores
Dried Soup - Some imported soup packs are delicious
Beef Jerky - Protein
Cliff Bars - Yummy energy bars made with organic soybean
Instant Rice - Rice a Roni Type Stuff
Candy - Chocolate is great for an energy boost
TrailMix - See below.

I really get into the trailmix thing when i go. I go to the local healthfood store and find the bulk section with all the dried nuts and fruits and granola(bring on the nut/fruit/granola jokes) and just start grabbing stuff. Dont overdo it, this stuff is heavy. But it digests slowly and will keep you full and will provide you energy for longer.

Clothing: I bring plenty of underwear and try to pack sparingly with everything else. Heres what im gunna bring.

Smartwool - These socks dry out even the soggiest feet when you get back to the campground.
Underwear - Bring ALOT of these.
Shirts - If your gunna buy shirts dont pack any.
Pants - One pair incase of chilly night
Shorts - A spare pair or two. (Find a laundrymat if ya can)
Tevas - Sandals with heel straps so they stay on.
Hat - If you're light sensitive, im not.
Warm Jacket - Lighter fleece is nice for warm weather.

Toiletries/First Aid: The one thing i have gotten more thanks for than anything else at festivals is my blister kit. You can put one together yourself(look up how on a backpacking/camping website) or you can buy a nice storebought one with scissors, bandages, ointment and all kinds of stuff including instructions on blister care for around $9. Check your local camping/outdoor stores. Blisters dont have to suck so bad.

Also remember when packing this stuff that liquids are heavy and you want SMALL containers of everything you bring.

Baby Wipes - Instant shower very refreshing
T.P - Small amount in ziplock
Hand Sanitizer - Your hands are the dirtiest thing on you
Gold Bond - I hate it when my nuts stick to my leg
Small Comb - Gotta be pretty for Centeroo
Dr Bronners - There is NOTHING you cant do with this soap
Deoderant - Some people object to this I think
Eyecare/Prescriptions - Gotta bring what ya need
Sunscreen - SUPER important for Bonnaroo
Blister Kit - See above
Toothbrush/Paste - Find small light versions
Tissue/Q-Tip - For whatever
Bug Dope - CHIGGERS!
FIRST AID - All the usuals. Bandages, tape, gauze, painkillers, ointment etc...


Lightsticks - Fun and... light.
Small Tarp - Always comes in handy
Charged Cellphone - Keep it off
Camera - Im bringing a few disposables
Journal/Pens - Paper for exchanging info or writing
Lighters - Various uses
Nylon Rope - Extra rope to go with the tarp
I-Pod/Electronics - Tunes on the go if thats how you roll.
Toys - Whatever else you want.

Its a pretty liberating feeling to hoist on your loaded pack and know that you could go anywhere and you've got your home with you. I look forward to stepping out of my door this June without a care in the world for two weeks to come, see you all out there...


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  1. my husband I are doin it this way this year for the first time. Usually we drive. But we're flying into Nashville and gonna hitch it to Manchester to the festival with our packs! Should be fun!!!