A reader asks:
Hey thanks so much for creating the first timers guide! It's helped alot but I do have one question! I can't stay until monday I need to leave on Sunday. Can I do that and still camp? Is there seperate parking for people who won't be staying for the whole thing? Or do I camp by my car?
Thank you in advance!!
You can get out of Bonnaroo Sun night. A lot of people, maybe a 1/4
of everyone, leave Sunday night after the last show (midnightish).
It'll be hard (if not impossible) to get out much before that from the
regular campsites. If you decide to leave Sun night, pack up as much
of your stuff as possible Sun afternoon while it is still light out,
you'll thank yourself later. Talk to your neighbors beforehand and
let them know you'll be leaving so that you can have some room to get
out. It gets to be quite a clusterfark Sun night, be patient, it'll
be a while to get out. I've never left Sun night so I'm only speaking
from what I've seen. I'm pretty sure there isn't an area for people
who need to leave early (other than day parking where you can't camp),
you can always ask them at info@bonnaroo.com. As for camping by your
car, just about everyone does, excepting us weirdos in tent only.


  1. I have a similar question about camping. I believe I will be carpooling with some friends, however I do not think we will be camping together. Is it possible to get an additional spot near my friends (so we can stay somewhat close) without having an additional car for the next spot? I would like to keep close to the people I know, and would prefer not to go into the campsite-only areas without them. I guess my question would be this- Can a large group of people who rode in one car get more than one camping space?

  2. Generally it is one spot for one vehicle. You might get lucky and get parked on the end of a row or some other place where you have more room but chances are not. They pack the cars in pretty tight.