Inforoo Forums

The Inforoo forums are starting to get a little busier even this far out from 'roo. If you haven't checked them out yet, I highly recommend it. There are literally hundreds of thousands of posts there.


  1. Just started planning for the 2012 trip and the Inforoo forums have been helpful as it'll be my first year at Bonnaroo. The survival guide has also been SUPER helpful so thanks!

  2. Glad the Guide helped you out! Looking forward to getting back to the farm this year.

  3. Getting really excited. Will be the first year for my wife and I. From reading all the forums I think we have all the important things seared into our brains (hydration, what to bring, etc). Having never been to a festival before, we are truely excited about what there is to come. Thank you for providing this helpful information.