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[...]do you have advice for slightly older folks?
We are staying at the family campground (no kids, except a guitarist we adopted)[...]

As far as advice for "older" folks... The one thing that I'd be cognizant of is how hot and sunny it can get. Drink plenty of water (there are free water stations all over the place, just bring containers), wear sunscreen, stay in the shade when you can. The two big stages don't have much in the way of shade but the 3 smaller ones are under tents.

My question is My friend and myself are attending this year and we are trying to figure out transportation we could drive but it is far and we are worried about driving from Maine to
Tennessee the other option is the Bus. I know the bus station is close to the festival like a mile is that an issue? My other worry is we would be departing Sunday afternoon at 3:30pm will we be missing out on a lot?

The only problem I see w/ the bus station is whether you are willing/able to haul you gear to 'roo. If you are walking in, figure about 0.5-0.75 mi to walk to tent only once you get into 'roo + whatever the distance is from the bus station. Being from Maine, keep in mind that it will likely be 95+F and sunny in good ole TN. If that doesn't faze you, then I don't see any other problems. As far as missing anything,
the last set ends midnight-ish Sunday night, so you'll miss most of that day, not a problem unless the one band you really wanted to see is playing then.

Hi..this will be my first bonnaroo. [...]  I use a suv/tent for camping. I'm a little confused if I need a GA ticket or GA and RV pass? Where does the car tent fit...camping at bonnaroo?

You should be fine w/ a regular pass, the RV passes are really for the
bigger real RVs. If your SUV tent extends out the back of the truck,
you might want to talk to the people parking you and make sure your
camping spot is behind rather then in front of your vehicle. They
park the cars front to back so 1/2 of the people wind up camping in
front of their vehicle and 1/2 in back.

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