Car stuff

Most people get to Bonnaroo by car or truck, here are a few things to help keep transport as trouble free as possible.
  • gas up before you get to Manchester. There will be a line of cars on the side of the interstate starting miles before Bonnaroo and you'll be sitting in the line for hours. The last thing you want is to have to sprint to the gas station with a container because you ran out. Take a bathroom break while you're at it.
  • make sure your tags (license plates) are current, your brake and turn lights work, etc. There are dozens of state police on the interstate around Bonnaroo, don't start your weekend out with a ticket (or worse).
  • don't let your battery run down at 'roo. Using your cigarette lighter to recharge your cell phone once or twice should be OK, but don't go overboard (i.e. using your headlights as camp illumination). If you know that your battery is getting sketchy, think about replacing it before you go. Jumper cables aren't a bad idea either. If you do run out of juice, ask your neighbors for a jump before calling a tow truck. I've helped out a few people like that, it'll save you a bunch of dough.
  • if it rains a lot at Bonnaroo there will be plenty of mud. It isn't really a problem pulling out of your campsite because the grass will still be intact around your car. It could be a problem on the dirt (mud) roads within Bonnaroo. Try to keep forward momentum so you don't bog down.

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