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A reader asks:
This will be my 2nd year at Bonnaroo. went last year with my father, and this year I'm going with some friends. We are flying in and camping. Last year my father and I camped in camp 47. James Bond; which, is close to the airport shuttle pick up and drop off, but, far from centeroo. So, this is where I need advice to help out me and my friends. Should we hike into tent only and suck it up or stay with the convenient location to the shuttle? is there going to be room in tent only if we arrive at 1pm on Thursday? Is there a greater risk of theft there than if we were to camp in "bfe"? any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Here's a link to a map from a past Bonnaroo, the basic layout is still the same;
So the two options that the reader is considering is camping in "BFE", which is the group of campsites way down at the lower right corner of the map; or in Tent Only which are the campsites in green near Centeroo.  BFE is some of the furthest campsites from Centeroo.  Personally, I'd haul my stuff to Tent Only.  It is a pain to haul your gear, but you only have to do it twice.  If you stay in BFE you wind up doing a lot of walking just to get to Centeroo.  That's just my opinion though.

Tent only has filled up faster and faster every year.  You should still be able to find campsites Thurs afternoon, even later there is usually room to crowd in somewhere.  There has been some theft from the Tent only campsites in the past but not much.  Just don't leave small valuables (cash, phones, cameras, etc) at your campsite when you're not there and you should be fine.  I don't know enough about BFE to say if the theft problems are greater or less than Tent Only.

Thanks for the question, keep them coming!

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