Some quick tips

So this is my friend and I first trip to Bonaroo. We are going to drive in and camp but what advice can you give me? Should we camp by the car or what? What do i need...etc. let me know any advice you can give me.
OK, some general advice.  Try to get to Manchester (the town where Bonnaroo is located) early on Thursday.  Even at 9 am there will probably be a line of ~2-3 hours to get in, it usually gets longer as the day wears on.  Avoid getting in at night, it's pretty hard to set up your campsite by flashlight.

There is a security check of your vehicle when you drive in to 'roo.  Depending on the person conducting the search it may be more or less extensive.  They'll look in gloveboxes, consoles, door wells, coolers, backpacks, etc.  They will not usually tear your car apart without a good reason.  They are mostly looking for drugs and glass bottles.  Glass bottles will be taken, there are state troopers around to handle drugs.

Once you get in you'll be directed to a campsite to park in.  You'll not have any say about where you get parked (unless you are parking in the accessible parking camps).  You might get lucky and be parked a 2 minute walk from Centeroo (the main stages area), you might not and be 30 minutes away.  When you arrive does not seem to matter as to where you get parked.  The vast majority of people camp right in front/behind their vehicle.  There is the option to camp in Tent Only, see yesterday's post regarding that.

Some other things.  Bring some shade for your campsite!  Some people go all out and bring EZ-Up shade tents, but even just a tarp and a few poles will help.  It gets hot and sunny early in the morning at Bonnaroo, plan accordingly.  Bring sunscreen, probably an SPF higher than your think you need.  You don't need to bring a lot of food, there is plenty there, bring snacks.  Wear comfortable (and worn in) shoes/sandals, you'll do a lot of walking.  Bring a water bottle or CamelBak to take into Centeroo with you.

As we get closer to 'roo I'll go into more detail about preparing and enjoying yourself, but if you have any specific questions or advice, drop me an email or post a comment!


  1. Just a note re: bringing camelbacks and/or bottled water to Centeroo. You will most likely have to empty your camelback before they'll let you in, though there are watering stations inside to refill them. They will let you bring in unopened bottled water. If it is opened, they will most likely make you dump those as well.

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